Birò Small

The perfect minicar for urban travel

The world's smallest 100% electric minicar with huge possibilities: move smoothly through traffic and park on the spot like a scooter.

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A small vehicle with special powers

45 maxi

For those who travel a lot in town and have easy access to a 220V domestic socket for recharging.

  • Up to 100 km range
  • Maximum speed of 45 km/h
  • Fully charged in 5 hours
  • Available with L6e homologation

45 ReMove

The first removable battery mounted on wheels like a trolley to recharge anywhere that has a 220V household socket.

  • Up to 55 km range
  • Maximum speed of 45 km/h
  • Available with L6e homologation
  • Fully charged in 3 hours

60 Maxi

For those who want that extra touch of speed without sacrificing range.

  • Up to 90 km range
  • Maximum speed of 60 km/h
  • Fully charged in 5 hours
  • Available with L7e homologation


What you'll love

New Birò seats, for maximum comfort

New customisable bucket seats in soft rubber

The steering wheel that has everything you need

New soft-touch steering wheel with integrated multifunction keypad

New cockpit with digital display

The Birò digital display has arrived, featuring an odometer, speedometer and battery status display.

All the technical details

Glass roof

– Manual compass opening

Rear window

– Glass
– Glass rear window with manual compass opening


– Crystal
– Windscreen wipers with integrated washer nozzles

Parking brake

– Electromechanical
– Automatic
– Can be activated remotely
– Hill-start assist


– Connected Birò Integrated


– 145/60 R13
– Road tyres

Side mirrors

– Maxi

Internal trunk

– 122-litre capacity


– Digital display (odometer, speedometer, battery)
– Control panel with indicators and indicator lights
– 2 compartments next to the steering wheel
– 2 compartments under the dashboard
– 2 USB sockets (type A and C) and a smartphone holder


– 3 mm thick steel frame with butterfly structure
– High-strength ABS front and rear bumpers
– 4 disc brakes
– 3-point seat belts
– Headrest
– Side burglar-proof bar


– High-gloss black painted chassis
– High-sheen black alloy wheels
– Halogen headlights and LED taillights
– New removable mat with Birò logo
– New bench seats with Birò logo
– Winter set (Dressed)


– Length: 1794 mm
– Width: 1107 mm
– Height: 1566 mm

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asked questions

Birò is an L6e category light electric quadricycle. If you choose the 60 Maxi version, it becomes a category L7e heavy electric quadricycle.

To drive a Birò with the 45 Maxi or 45 ReMove (L6e) model, an AM licence (formerly known as a “moped licence”) is sufficient. However, for people born before 1961, an AM licence is not needed. To drive a Birò with the 60 Maxi (L7e) model, you need a B1 or B licence.

Birò can be driven from the age of 16 in the L6e version; if you opt for a Birò L7e, you must be 18 in Belgium.

Birò is a small quadricycle, so it can be parked wherever mopeds can be parked, even in the small spaces dedicated to them, as it perfectly respects their dimensions. To find out about other advantages for electric vehicles, we recommend you contact your local council.

€ 14.995 or € 260 per month