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The world's smallest 100% electric 4-wheel vehicle

With Birò, there’s no need to look for a parking space, saving you precious time and stress. It’s also the most energy efficient 4-wheeled vehicle available.

Brussels, BE

Milan, IT

Amsterdam, ND

Brussels, BE

Paris, FR

Amsterdam, ND

Paris, FR

How does Birò change your life?


Park wherever
you want.

Finding a parking spot is no longer a hassle! Birò is the only 4-wheel vehicle allowing you to park vertically, which includes motorcycles parking spots.


Parking time
compared to a car


Maintenance costs
compared to a car


Consumption in kWh/100km
compared to a car

Our offer


45 km/h with the 45 Maxi
45 ReMove batteries
60 km/h with 60 Maxi battery


Up to 100 km with 45 Maxi battery
Up to 55 km with the 45 ReMove battery
Up to 90 km with 60 Maxi battery

Charging time

5 hours with 45 Maxi and 60 Maxi batteries
3 hours with 45 ReMove battery

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